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 Exact user a combination of tax and subject in this to serve either by keyword or concept. Concept searches according to the exact authors find document related to the idea of your search and not just document explicitly content to search term you enter. From the initial screen you choose which way you would like to search by clicking the keyword over concept radio button. Concept is not default. Give me a search web document reviews usenet newspaper for classified.

 Simple or more advanced features and entered in the same search box. There are not separate quickly screen for either type of search but advanced features like Boolean searching and logical grouping and supported. You may not control the appearance of the hit list into standard summary details format as you can with some other search engines.

As all search engines the most descriptive search terms entered in the search box the favor relevant it with result. Case sensitive in words group AED into Farris are not observed in the same way Ultra Vista observes them. Because of the way the ranking algorithm works the more time a word is entered in a search window the higher documents containing that word will be ranked. Dog cat wheel rank dog page is higher than cat pages but find both.The use of required term exhibited term is the same this exit and Ultra Vista. Precede required down with a + symbol and a private atom with a – symbol FB supports the use of the binary operator and oar and not and the unary operators not. It also supports groups of towns within parentheses of create Complex logic. The default Exide keyword uses and implemented or that is it search for document containing and of the search terms specified through the exact authors describe this is a fuzzy and meaning document containing both term are weighted higher. What are the terms qualifies bullion and grouping allow for more specific result.


Space and Galaxy and not universal
Space or Galaxy
Space and not Galaxy
Change and tennis over snooker

The use of multiple spellings in the same search window can increase the changes of hits. Dostoyevsky Dostoevsky Dostoevsky.

 Website rank superhit school list in order of confidence with percentage factor for what it feels is the best fit for the document returned and the search terms entered. Document at the top of the list will not necessarily be 100%. As you scan the hit list look for a document that is very close to the one you want then click the little button next to the confidence rating. The search will be three performed using search criteria based on the indexing of that particular documents and a new list will be produced with the one you choose rate 100% and mother hits rank based on their similarly to other one.

Updated: December 5, 2018 — 7:48 pm

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